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Spare Time Application

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Spare Time Program Requirements:

  • Must be 14-26 years old

  • Must be enrolled in an educational institution or a recent high school graduate

  • Must have a developmental disability (documented or undocumented)

  • Must be willing to learn, grow, and have fun!

The Spare Time Program, an initiative offered by Mostyn Community Development (MCD), is an enrichment and recreational initiative for high schoolers and young adults with special learning needs. It is designed to expose students to the game of bowling as an outlet that cultivates crucial teambuilding and social skills while also offering educational and career-focused enrichment activities. Young people in the Spare Time Program participate in trainings, workshops, and activities tailored toward preparing them for five potential pathways: post-secondary education, workplace readiness, work-based learning, career exploration, and self-advocacy. Students who are accepted into the Spare Time Program will have the potential opportunity to participate in 12 weeks of Bowling, 14 weeks of career and college readiness programing, a one week college tour and an eight week paid internship. 

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