Raphael Mostyn, MCD President

Raphael Mostyn is a young man from the East side of Detroit. Raphael graduated from Warren Fitzgerald high school and attended bowling green after high school. Raphael attended bowling green for only 3 semesters after having to return to Detroit due to financial issues. Upon return, Raphael began working as a math intervention specialist in a charter school in Detroit, MI. While working full time at the school, Raphael worked nights at Dunkin Donuts and attended school in the late afternoons. While working at this school, Raphael began working with The RISE Program, an academic enrichment program at the school. Through working at the school, Raphael developed an extreme love and care for the children in urban areas. Raphael became a director for the program in 2012 and helped expand the program throughout the state of Michigan until his departure from RISE in 2016. In 2015 Raphael began working with an autistic student in Detroit. They developed a strong relationship and Raphael helped him develop his skills and knowledge academically and socially. Over the past year Anthony’s condition has inspired Raphael to want to do more for the special need’s community. 

In his spare time, Raphael especially enjoys family time and entertaining his friends. Whenever he is with his family you will never find him having a dull moment. Throughout his life he has always been an athlete. Playing organized sports all the way up to college, he enjoyed building so many team relationships through basketball, football, soccer, baseball, cross country running and bowling.

In 2016, Raphael started an organization (Mostyn Community Development) that provided services to the special need’s community. These services included work-place readiness training, self-advocacy, career exploration, post-secondary education, and work-based learning. This organization has grown and now services hundreds of students with special abilities across the state of Michigan. In the fall of 2020, a new program will be coming to the Metro Detroit area. “Spare Time Program” will be a program for students with any sort of disability that not only gives them skills they can carry on with them throughout life as they transition out of high school, but the sport of bowling will be incorporated giving the students a recreational outlet that will allow them to be competitive and have fun on a level that is appropriate for them. 

Within his family Raphael is known as the “Godfather”. He lives by a principle that he feels can change anyone’s life, “if you have a vision to see it, then you have the strength to obtain it”. It is Raphael’s desire to impact directly and indirectly students across the world and inspire to them be great, never give up on their dreams, and always use your gifts to help the next person discover theirs.